Youth Hockey organization for the towns of Haverhill, Pentucket, Groveland, Georgetown, Merrimac, Paistow, Newton NH, Salem NH and surrounding areas.

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GHPYH Mission Statement
The mission of the Greater Haverhill / Pentucket Youth Hockey Program is to administer and maintain a not-for-profit organization designed to support inter-league competition in the sport of hockey. It is our objective to foster good sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork through the execution of structured programs. We will provide for a positive learning experience geared towards developing the fundamental knowledge and athletic ability of our players.
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NH families and Updated Travel Order guidelines
Hi Parents,  We’ve had a few days to understand how...
Updated Mass Travel Order (NH players)
Good Afternoon,  The state has updated their guidelines this...
11/19 Important Update
Hello GHPYH Families,  I want to provide an important update...
Rink is open! + Guidelines reminder
Hi parents,  Quick update. 2020-2021 season is officially...
2020-2021 Learn to Skate and Learn to Play
Summer Skills begin this week
Parents,  As we reach the midway point in the summer, our...
NH families and Updated Travel Order guidelines

Hi Parents,

 We’ve had a few days to understand how our local rinks and leagues will handle the changes to NH’s COVID status. Hopefully, each of you have done your own research as well. I have also heard from several parents that will be doing what they can to keep their children playing hockey in the state (COVID testing, physical address changes during COVID, etc.). And lastly, I have been asked several times what each person needs to do to keep playing and what our rules are. To be 100% clear, these are not our rules. We are following, and expect our members to follow, all state and local guidelines. As things change, we will continue to communicate information to our members as it becomes available to us. We want all of our members to play with us.

But with all the questions and conversations we’ve had with various folks, we wanted share how we think the best way to proceed to protect our organization, leagues, rinks, and members.

Any NH player/coach planning to attend events will be required to provide a completed “Massachusetts Travel Form.” This for can be found here:

Once you complete the form online, it will be sent to your email address. Please print out copies of this form and keep it on you when traveling for our program. If a rink or league happens to request a copy, please provide it. Please email a copy of the current travel form to your child’s head coach AND the age level coordinator.

Mites – Brian Andriolo ( )

Squirts – Bobby Caron ( )

Peewee – Todd Arivella ( )

Bantam/Midget – Adam Hurrell ( )

In speaking with the HHS rink, it sounds like the checkin employee will look for a completed form, but not keep a copy. The VHL program expects our organization to be the custodian of these forms in the event one is requested. Different rinks may be different so printing out copies will help you be prepared and keep further issues to a minimum. 

It’s our expectation that our members will follow the guidelines listed within the state order. We are also working to find some alternative NH ice either for practices as an alternative operating within the Massachusetts Travel order. When that information is clearer, we will share that.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let us know.  

Chris Baker

President, GHPYH Board of Directors


by posted 11/24/2020
Updated Mass Travel Order (NH players)

Good Afternoon,

 The state has updated their guidelines this evening. New Hampshire has moved out of the low risk criteria that previously allowed free movement from state to state, and allowed our NH members to play without restriction. As a result of this change, our members in NH now face additional restrictions in order to participate in activites. Please see the email below and refer to the State of Massachusetts guidelines for how to contiune to participate. 

This is obviously frustrating and another obstruction in our kids ability to play. 

In the meantime, we do have a request. If you have symptoms, please stay away. If you are positive, please assist with contact tracing and notify us so that we can take appropriate steps to protect all of our members. We have 2 teams, a learn to skate program, and several participants under quarantine at this time. We are not trending in the right direction. 

We will continue to keep you informed as we learn more and make decisions in the best intrest of all our members. Thank you

Chris Baker

GHPYH President, Board of Directors

by posted 11/20/2020
11/19 Important Update

Hello GHPYH Families,

 I want to provide an important update to you regarding our program. On Wednesday evening, we held an emergency board meeting to discuss several topics. Over the last few weeks, we have had several members of our program test positive for COVID. While none of these positive cases are connected to or in any way related to hockey, they have caused disruptions and quarantines for several teams. We have also seen the City of Haverhill Health Department apply close contact quarantine orders that appear to be inconsistent with guidelines from EEA and DPH.

Throughout the season, we have understood the hockey related guidelines as: each team may be considered an individual cohort on the ice if they are always separated by at least 14 feet on the ice surface and there is no contact between cohorts. We have been operating effectively and in accordance with all guidelines. Rink staff and management have been supportive and in agreement with how we operate. Teams stay isolated from each other and we do NOT run full ice activities this year where multiple teams on the ice are comingled. However, the city is taking the opinion that anyone on the ice at the same time is considered 1 cohort, regardless of physical distancing, masks, or any other measure. We do not agree, but we will need to adapt.

 As a result of the current way the city is interpreting interactions and close contacts, we are going to make several changes to our program. We make these changes with a singular purpose in mind: to keep kids playing hockey.  Effective immediately, and until further notice, the following measures will be implemented.

  • All practices will be limited to 1 team on the ice.
  • Pride Hockey Skills Sessions will temporarily pause.
  • Goalie Skills with ITZ Goaltending will discontinue.

We do not want to make these changes, but we feel we must to keep our teams on the ice. By taking these steps, we will eliminate any teams being quarantined for an issue unrelated to their own team. Our ice will be severely under utilized and our kids will receive fewer days in which they will be able to practice. However, we will work to add additional practice hours as best as we can to help supplement the reduced practices. If the city updates their interpretation, we will adapt once again and work to return to as much of normal operating procedures as we can.

While the challenges we face continue to grow this year, the board will keep working to maintain a youth hockey experience for our members. I hope we can return our skills sessions and additional practices very soon. In the meantime, we will be updating schedules in accordance with our changes. Be on the lookout for schedule updates over the next 24 hours. Until then, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Chris Baker

GHPYH, President – Board of Directors


by posted 11/19/2020
Rink is open! + Guidelines reminder

Hi parents,

 Quick update. 2020-2021 season is officially underway. The Haverhill Veterans Memorial Rink opened yesterday, and our teams began practicing. The VHL teams also started playing games over the weekend and we’re excited to be back on the ice. If you have not registered for the city registration, please do so immediately. The link is below and here.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER. We must operate under strict rules if we want our kids to play this year. We’ve already received many reports of parents ignoring program guidelines at games and practices. To reiterated here are some key points for Veterans Memorial Rink:

  • Players must arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their ice session begins
  • Players and 1 spectator must be registered with the City before entering Veterans Memorial Rink. Plan ahead.
  • 1 Parent per player
  • 0 Siblings allowed as spectators
  • Players must come dressed into the rink (except skates, helmets, and gloves)
  • Please adhere to in-building traffic flow. (get dressed on bench side, leave on penalty box side)
  • All must wear a mask/neck gaiter/face covering (players may remove face coverings during practices)
  • Spectators must socially distance (on the penalty box side of the rink)
  • All must leave the rink within 10 minutes of the conclusion of practice
  • Strongly encourage parents to wait outside or in their car when possible. Your kids will be fine!

These are not optional guidelines or suggestions. They are in place so that our kids can play hockey. They are state, city and league rules. If you choose not to follow them, your child will not be able to play.

If you have any concerns, please let me or a board member know.

Thank you,


Haverhill Rec dept player registration:

USA Hockey Registration:

Valley Hockey League Registration:

by posted 09/15/2020
2020-2021 Learn to Skate and Learn to Play


WHO - Open to Girls and Boys ages 4-10


All session Take play at Haverhill Veterans Memorial Rink. Behind Haverhill High School

LEARN TO SKATE Session 1 begins on Saturday October 17th, 2020 at 11AM. This is a 10-week session, runs through December 19th.  Registration starts at 10:30AM Saturday October 19th, 2019 at Haverhill Veterans Rink or you may also register online by clicking register on-line.

LEARN TO PLAY begins on Saturday December 5th, 2020 at 10AM. This is a 10-week session, runs through February 20th. (no sessions over Christmas break). You must register beforehand by clicking register on-line.

LEARN TO SKATE Session 2 begins on Saturday January 9th, 2021 at 11AM. This is a 10-week session, runs through March 12th.  Registration starts at 10:30AM Saturday January 9th, 2021 at Haverhill Veterans Rink or you may also register online by clicking register on-line.



LEARN TO PLAY - $250 includes full equipment from TSR Hockey in Salem NH. $150 if you have your own equipment.




Email Fred Bishop at: 


by posted 09/08/2020
Summer Skills begin this week


 As we reach the midway point in the summer, our voluntary summer skills are about to begin. We’re excited to return to some semblance of normalcy during these challenging times. Our goal is for the children in our program to safely return to the ice and prepare for the upcoming season. To do that, we all need to follow the guidelines set forth to ensure we maintain compliance with the rink and USA hockey guidelines and directives.

These guidelines will be enforced by the rink and our board membership. Please adhere to them so that we maintain our ability to use the facilities. They are as follows:

  1. Players must come to the rink dressed and show up no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ice session. Player must wear a mask entering and exiting the rink. Space will be provided to put your skates on in a socially distant atmosphere. No locker rooms will be available for use.
  2. Players must leave within 15 minutes of the end of their session. Players cannot linger at the rink while other siblings are on the ice.
  3. Valley Rinks strongly recommend drop off only. When that is unavailable, only 1 spectator per skater is allowed in the building. Spectators must wear face masks and practice safe social distancing.
  4. Masks are not required while player are on the ice.
  5. Players must provide their own water bottles and fill them at home. Water fountains will not be available.
  6. If your player is ill, coughing, fever, or other flu like symptoms they should not attend
  7. If any player of family member in attendance receives a COVID diagnosis after attending our sessions, they must report to the league president – . We will anonymously communicate a positive diagnosis to the families of participants in our program and the hour that the player attended a session. No further information will be provided to the program out of consideration to the privacy of that individual/family.
  8. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided by the rink.
  9. Participants and spectators must not spit under any circumstance.
  10. Participant may only attend the session for their age group.

Session schedule:

Monday’s, 7pm - Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget Goalies ONLY


Mites – 5pm-5:50pm

Squirts – 6pm-6:50pm

Peewees – 7pm-7:50pm

Bantams – 8pm-8:50pm

Midgets – 8pm-8:50pm

  • Location: All Sessions will take place at Haverhill Ward Hill Forum. Address is 7 Parkridge rd Haverhill Ma
  • Schedules: Sessions begin July 20th and 21st and will run for 5 consecutive weeks. 
  • What is it?: A summer conditioning program geared towards improving core hockey skills on ice.
  • Is this mandatory?: These are not mandatory sessions. Kids may attend as many or as few sessions as they would like for their assigned age group. You are not required to attend both on and off ice sessions each day. No discounts are provided to your annual tuition for not attending some or all of these sessions. 
  • Cost: There is NO additional cost. However, Team placement deposit must be made in order to attend these sessions. To make your team placement deposit, go to If you need to make arrangements with the league please email: as soon as possible.  
  • USA Hockey numbers are required for this session and the GHPYH season. We must have an updated, 2020/21 USA Hockey number on file in order to attend the session. Go to to sign up prior to the first session.  Once signed up you can upload it online as well. Click on "edit my account" then select the childs name. Finally scroll down and enter it in the USAH Confirm. # field and click submit. Please also email it to us at  .

Looking forward to getting the kids on the ice. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Chris Baker

GHPYH – President, Board of Directors

by posted 07/20/2020
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